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04-21-2013, 03:01 PM
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which associations are those?
- Give you 2 examples - bmha, mvrhl

However I'd like to add that it is not strictly enforced so no argue about that.

Your main focus should be on fit above all else
- I agree, but he is ok for everything. You can put him in very simple one and top one and he will be happy with both. It does not matter for him at all.

No need to buy from the states, there's enough selection here and costs are lower if not the same if you factor everything in.
- This is not true, sorry. I'd like to buy here but selection is minimal and pricing...At least +50% sometimes more.
- Want example just from yesterday - Bishop HS is closing forever, so they have massive sale today is last day. So it took me 1 hour to drive there and...Ok selection was limited due to their mass sale...But their final no return prices - most where about same or a little bit higher than HM. I checked couple of items just from my Iphone and... At least you overpay taxes and couple of bucks.

If you just go to LHS with no blowout final super sale you easily can pay double price.

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