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04-21-2013, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
What a horrible analogy, fruit roll ups suck. Almost as much as your "let's chastise an entire fanbase" post. Which is completely off base, because:

1) Klefbom for Laughton is not an even value swap for the Oilers. We have two top six centers already. We need to upgrade one, but Laughton isn't an upgrade. We have 1 potential number one d-man on our team, and 1 potential number one d-man in the system. Trading one of our two potential number one d-men (when we have no actual number one d-men) for a top six center that we already have is dumb, makes no sense for the Oilers, hence, its not an even value trade. To the Oilers, based on need as well as performance, Klefbom > Laughton, so what you're asking for isn't a 1 for 1 swap, its for us to bend over and take it on a trade.

2) I don't think you understand how good Marincin actually is. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up a top pair d-man in a couple of years. He's that good. He certainly isn't some "lesser snack" than Laughton, at least not in terms of upside. The difference is that Laughton is closer to being ready.
Ok first of all, by saying that fruit rollups suck you admit that you dont know anything about anything and lived probably what was a very empty and lonely childhood filled with granola bars and boxes of raisins for school snacks. Like wow, fruit rollups were what every kid hoped to see in their lunch. Jesus..."fruit rollups suck"

But just to humour you, here:

1) I dont care if you dont think Klefbom for Laughton is even value. Laughton projects to be the exact thing every Oiler fan and their mother wants to send Gagner packing for--a 2-way centre that can do a bit of everything. Why half of Edmonton wants to get rid of Gagner is beyond me. Anyways, you're entirely wrong when you say Laughton for Klefbom isn't fair value. Maybe in your homer head it isn't, but to an unbiased fan of the game like me, sure it is. Maybe add a 7th to Laughton. It's not "bending over and taking it". I like SchultzSquared, know why? Because he's objective and not an abject homer like you.

2) I am aware of the type and quality of player that Marincin is. Ive seen him several times when OKC plays the Marlies. I would not trade Scott Laughton for Martin Marincin. The only folks who would are Oiler fans. Marincin is decent but prospects like him hold little value. He certainly is a lesser snack. He's like Dunkaroos, decent but depending on the flavour. He's like those gross cinnamon Dunkaroos. Laughton is still a fruit rollup, and no sane kid is trading a fruit rollup for anything less than a flavour of fruit rollups they prefer (ie, Klefbom)

Im sorry you disagree with me. But you're just wrong. Doesn't like fruit rollups jesus christ...

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