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04-21-2013, 03:17 PM
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People on here really need to take a whole prescription of chill pills

I've been avoiding the GDT like the plague cause you people are more annoying than how the team's played in the last few games

We're in the playoffs, regardless of if we finish 2nd or 4th we'd face a team we had problems against in the regular season except for maybe if the Rangers win enough to snag the 7th place and we finished 2nd

Last 4 games mean jack ****, that's not how this team is, and it's not how this team will be in the playoffs, playoffs are a whole new season

You guys have the shortest memory ever, it's incredible

No one expected us to win series against the Bruins, Caps or Pens in the last 10 years we made the playoffs

2 bad streaks of 3-4 games in a 48 games season clearly isn't much since we're contending for the division lead and the 2nd spot in the conference

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