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04-21-2013, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Samwise Gagner View Post
Rays of optimism:

- At some point, this absolutely had to happen. Now he's getting it out of the way early in his career and if his surgery goes as well as Hall's we won't have to even think about this ever again.
- If MacT was involved in this situation, then I'm glad to see that at least this particular member of the old boys club is mentally competent, that's good to see from a new GM.
- Despite his lack of scoring, Nuge was still racking up assists fast enough to be on a nearly 50 point pace in a full season. Clearly his super human vision and hockey sense have not been lost, and gives us a lot to look forward too when he's healthy enough to shoot again. Remember his snipe on lundqvist near the start of last season? Cearly he can shoot a hell of a lot better when his shoulder is in one piece.
- This may have been what forced him to improve other areas of his game so much. By having to focus on his defensive responsabilities more this season (with great success) he will become a far more complete player than he was before, as well the Hall-RNH-Ebs line will benefit from that greatly now that one of them is defensively responsible.
- Not quite as excited about this aspect, but this will all but guarantee that we will be in position to draft a good player this year. I'd rather they learn to win games, but at very least we should be able to get our hands on Monahan or Nurse. Who knows, we may even be high enough to snatch up Barkov.

So in conclusion, this sucks, but next year we'll have Nuge at full strength again, a more defensively responsible first line, and another solid draft pick in the system.
Thanks for the positive outlook. Everyone else would rather pile on Mgmt and profess to know better than RNH and everyone else involved in the decision. They decided to wait and do it now so everyone should just get over it and wish RNH a full and speedy recovery. But no, here's another chance to dump on the organization so let's pile it on.

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