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04-21-2013, 03:48 PM
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I reckon it's the law of diminishing returns. 10 pounds of peanuts in a 5 pound bag doesn't work.

Still plenty of good posters to read on this board. Lots of regurgitating crap, too, but that can be weeded out. Still look for and learn from (in no particular order): Black Eye, DKH, Glory Daze, RealLinesman, bb74, Bill Ladd, Future Considerations, Nightslyr, WBC8, Neelynugs, Amazingcrwns, Colt45 of course, VeddarRants, Sarge88 (Rarely seen), Mick (Doc5hole), Pielsman, Morriws W, and so many more that I probably can't remember unless I see their names posted. Still around...??? Deal Law, Greyhounds, Ludwig Fell Down, Combat/Derek Chang, Dead golem, KSP?, jahbrations (sp), misterjaggers

Do miss Ironic - bastidge always has some good one-liners.

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