Thread: Confirmed with Link: Martin Gernat Signed To 3-Year ELC
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04-21-2013, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by oilsp1ll View Post
Have you ever tried bulking with the body type Gernat clearly has? The amount of food you have to eat in one day is honestly sickening, especially for a guy that big. It affects your workouts even on and off ice when you're eating that much. It's gross, unhealthy food in order to get the calories up. And he can't just be lifting for bulk, it's applicable movements/core training - hockey specific stuff they have to do too to maintain explosiveness, etc. It's not exactly easy to eat that much when you're training twice a day sometimes. When you exercise that much you don't even want to eat sometimes let along 5,000 calories. Find it funny when people just dismiss gaining weight like this.
Thats typically what the off season is for and you don't need to eat gross unhealthy food to get calories up. Anything like whole milk, peanut butter, oils etc. that have high fats in them are much less satiating with higher calories. Sure if he's trying to get 5000 cals on extremely high protein rather than carbs and fats he's going to have a hard time. If Michael Phelps can swim 6 hours a day while eating 8000+ calories, don't tell me that Gernat can't eat 5000 while doing considerably less exercise.

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