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04-21-2013, 04:23 PM
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People are being way to tin foil hatty in here.

From a medical point of view you can only give suggestions to a patient, it's up to him or her to decide what they want. And the thing with these kind of injuries it's not obvious what one should do.

Now I don't know the exact kind of injury RNH got but a lot of the time it's better to avoid surgery if you can and instead try to rehabilitate the shoulder in other ways. Surgery is pretty much always the last resort.
It's probably been RNHs call and ofc a competitive guy will try to play through it. In pro sport players always feel the pressure from management to play but I seriously doubt they've forced him to. If we're to call out anyone it's probably Ryans advisors but most likely there's noone to really blame, he tried to play through it but eventually went with surgery.

If he's had his problems since juniors I guess you could claim he should have had it done earlier, but you have to remember this is a guy trying to get the best contract possible and he knows surgery might hurt him in negotiations. He also knows that surgery might actually cause more damage than good, not likely but there's always a risk involved in surgery, if possible you should avoid it.

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