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Originally Posted by Kate08 View Post
Horton has been discussed ad nausem, while Peverley has kind of just floated by. He's worthy of Horton-level criticism, IMO -- the only reason he doesn't get it is because expectations aren't as high for him. The money is close enough to the same to warrant it, and makes Peverley's performance even more disappointing.

He cashed in at a good time and was overpaid then. Being overpaid and underperforming is a bad mix, and that's where Peverley is at right now. Horton is underperforming, but I wouldn't say that he was overpaid to start.
Well, he didn`t time when he would produce his best season but while I understand and respect your opinions, and while you believe Horton has been discussed more than enough, with Pevs, I don`t see a guy not moving his feet or working hard, with Horton, I know there`s more in there, yet it rarely comes out. Can`t have "it" every night, nor every season for that matter, but not liking what I "perceive" as outright laziness

Again, I trust in Peverley far more than Horty that he`ll be the first to find his full game and I have little issue with the 3.25 cap hit. If he, Kelly and a qualified winger (maybe Sods?) play together from day 1 next season, the boys will be fine

I`ll wager someone this summer tosses 5 mill at Horty, if not more, not a chance in you know what I`d bite on that

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