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12-30-2003, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Teezax
Im sure Hitch ripped the team a new one after giv9ing up a 2 goal lead yesterday, and giving them almost 10 Power Plays. Flyers will come out nervous so expect a shaky first period. My guess is this will be a loss.

If they win, it'll be soley because of Esche's play.
The only difference in penalties is the Flyers were GIVEN penalties and the Stars weren't. Some were good calls but they sure seemed to miss most of what Dallas was doing.

Both goals were on power plays. Even that up or let them play, Flyers leave with the W.

I'm not saying that Philly didn't have a bad game with their sticks, but Dallas did as many things that were let go.

Esche is the man. The players play better in front of him.