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Originally Posted by Nalyd Psycho View Post
Sorry for waiting so long to post...

The strategy is as such.

The Nighbor line will match against the Bentley line. Nighbor will effectively neutralize Bentley's ability to carry the puck in the zone. Smith and Noble can physically match-up with Shanahan and Heatley. And the physicality of our defense and astute decision making or Harvey will make dump and chase ineffective. The line can also counter attack effectively against the unit.

After that, there is a clear offensive edge to Minnesota. St. Louis is the best offensive player in the bottom 9. While the Viking team has more defensively poor players like Sedin, Gagne (Out of position too) etc... The 3rd line of Viking may be great defensively, but their lack of offense will make them ineffective against a team that does not rely heavily on any one line for offense and has superior team defense.

The only advantage Viking has on the blueline is Suter. Harvey is better than Fetisov, Flaman than Samuelsson, Burrows over Morrow, Magnusson over Patrick and Ruotsalainen over Gusarov.

Hall is obviously better than Smith, but, in a series where the lockdown defensive abilities of the teams will be the driving force, one bad goal could turn the series, and Smith is less likely to let in a bad goal.
I dont think their first line is better than mine. Very elite players for their era but, their era was not as elite as later when Shanahan, Bentley and Heatley was all-stars and All-Star Team players. We have great playoff performers here.

Baldy Northcott was not better than Daniel Sedin for the same reason if for no other, Vyacheslav Starshinov was hardly better than Vladimir Petrov, and Martin St Louis i dont think can be seen as a better play-off performer than Claude Lemieux.

Their third line of Jiri Holik, Pete Mahovlich and John McKenzie, against mine with Bob Gainey, Guy Carbonneau and BÅ Gustafsson sometimes aided by Playoff Claude Lemieux. How are his players better?

His fourth line is Zach Parise, Ken Linseman and Mike Foligno. All quality players, and unfortunately the GM has'nt presented how many minutes his lines are supposed to play, but i can say that my fourth are NOT a complete reference to his becouse mine will only play five minutes even strenght in this matchup. The rest of those minutes are going to be taken most by my third line composed by two Selke Trophy Masters and a stalwart Selke Trophy-vote getter aided by Playoff Claude Lemieux on some shifts to give them some punch.

When it comes to our D i think we at least have very balanced pairings and a rested(Dzurilla supported him during the stretch which was noted) Glenn Hall behind them.

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