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04-21-2013, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
One Monday night, I was five and my parents were doing something with the hardwood floors so I was placed out of the way in their bedroom. The black and white TV was on, and I looked up and saw these amazing helmets with stars on them. I immediately loved the symbol and decided that was my team. Completely too young to understand the Cowboys were losing to the St. Louis Cardinals that night 38-0. The Cowboys won the Super Bowl that year but it didn't really register; I had no sense of awareness about it. When I was 6 the next season I understood what I was rooting for and that was the year Jackie Smith dropped the TD against the Steelers. Then they got upset by the Rams the next year followed by three consecutive crushing losses in NFC championship games culminating in The Catch. Loved Randy White, Tony Dorsett, Too Tall Jones, Staubach, Danny White the punter/QB, Drew Pearson. Loved Tom Landry. Then they declined in the mid-80s before Jerry Jones disgracefully shoved Landry aside. That began the Arrogant Cowboy era but it was too late to change teams. You can't change teams, it's against the rules. Doesn't really matter, they've been a joke since 96, finding new ways to shoot themselves in the feet and underachieve. Did you see what they just gave Romo?!?!? Holy **** that is some incompetence right there.
Yea, I was wondering what cowboys fans thought about that. My first thought was "good god, jerry jones might be the dumbest, most egotistical GM in the NFL" And I agree, its against the rules to change teams, that's why I will always be a rams fan.

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