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04-21-2013, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Milan the Great View Post
Why is everyone saying we need three points to clinch?

Maybe I'm missing something here. I see our magic number as four points. Winnipeg, with 3 games left, can get a maximum of 55 points (49 + 6 = 55). The Sens have 52 points right now. So three points would mean the Sens and the Jets come to a tie in the standings (if the Jets win everything for the rest of the season).

The first tiebreaker is games played. Considering the season would be over, that won't matter. The next category is ROW. The Jets have 21 to our 19. Winnipeg would likely have us beat here, unless they win in a shootout every game.

So the only way we clinch for sure is if we reach our magic number - 4. Not three.
We can clinch tomorrow. We'd have 54 points. Peg would have 53 if they won every game from then on.

Our magic number is 4 but not necessarily 4 points for us. We can get 2 points and they could mess up on 2 points and we'd be in.

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