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09-07-2006, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
From what I have seen, Montoya is the lesser goaltender.
of course he is. What you'se seen is a 24 year old coming off several seasons in the SEL and a 20/21 year old playing his first year of proffesional hockey (in which he aquitted himself quite nicely.) It would be pretty suprising if the 24 year old wasn't better. But that doesn't really tell us what will happen in the future. Right now Montoya is just as good, maybe better, as Lundqvist was at the same age. Does that meen he will turn out to be the better goalie? Of course not, we won't know that for years, but disregarding him because a 3 years older Lundqvist is better now is pretty silly.

P.S. Edge: I find your avatar deeply disturbing.

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