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04-21-2013, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Atas2000 View Post
Do you really know what was going on in Kazachstan back then? Just think of it. Most hockey schools and claubs were run by russian coaches and staff. Some of them had to face it personally some had it in the family. If you wife and children lose their jobs because tey are no ethnic Kazachs. Even if you can stay coach for the kids at a hockey school, you can't support your family with what you earn and the family is all for leaving. You pack it up and go to Russia. Is there an ethnic kazach coach there as a replacement? No. I think it's obvious I'm talking about a real life case I'm personnaly familiar with. Is the connection to decline of kazach hockey so ridiculous?
I just wonder if that nationalist thing was as bad as you are describing or it's just yet another case of Russian propaganda? I don't know much about politics in Kazakhstan in the 90s, though I know well how the big number of ethnic minority formed in the country in the first place....
Regardless I won't go more into this since I don't know much about Kazakh situation but these kinds of accusations from Russia I've heard a lot regarding Latvia too, so forgive me for being cautious

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