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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
Well, yes, one option is to cynically tune everything out because reliable information is harder to find.

But short of that abdicatory shrug & give up option (sometimes attitudinally accompanied by a contempt for anyone who doesn't also abdicate), yeah, if it's any narrative I'm interested in and the mistakes are like nails on a chalkboard to me, I'll probably get involved and comment on it.

For me this is a superior option to just ignoring everything. I understand why others do prefer to ignore everything (which in all honesty is the option most everyday people choose), I just prefer for myself to stay engaged. A lot of different subjects are anywhere from interests to passions for me and I believe when you stop having those things in your life you start to get old and die. That doesn't mean passions can't be private, just that mine aren't. Culture, entertainment, current events and politics all interest me and those are public things. The consequences for me would be more than just ignoring information sources, they'd mean detaching from my interests/passions and starting to get old fast.
If this is a response to my post, it seems you misunderstood my position. I am not saying ignore everything, shirk responsibility, and hate/disrespect all people that don't conform to my thinking, as indicated above.

All I am saying is avoiding bad coverage and finding good coverage or piecing together the facts yourself can be a more effective and desired route for some people.

As for the game tonight, I am looking forward to seeing how the lineup functions with Hitch's changes.

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