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Originally Posted by Cullksinikers View Post
I won't let myself move out of Illinois due to family, access and Chicago, and the fact I plan on going to a disgusting amount of Hawks, Bulls, and Cubs games.
You better be racking in a boatload of money, or prepare to go 10% of the games you currently think you are. I also felt that way in HS, but once I got into college, I had kind of had enough of the area and got the **** out. Best decision I ever made, even though I love Chicago. It's a much better city to visit vs living in, IMO.

Originally Posted by Blue Liner View Post
I'm telling ya, once upon a time I was the "Chicago is the greatest place in the world" guy and it was Chicago or bust. It's still one of the greatest cities on Earth, but I've been quite enlightened over time as to what a great place to live is or not. A great city and a great city to live in are two different things. It's all a matter of opinion, and I love my hometown, but there are greater and coincidentally more economical places to live than Chicago. It really comes down to the individual and what they ultimately are looking for.
I am the same way, and honestly, I have no desire to move back... ever. I'm fine with my 2-3 visits a year. I wouldn't complain if I never moved far from this area. Atlanta is really on the rise, well the metro spots at least. A lot of surveys will say it's a miserable town to live in, mostly because of the traffic... but if you smartly plan out where you live and work the best you can, it's not an issue at all. I'll happily take my favorite bars down here over any of my favorites back in Chicago any day of the week. Only complaint is that drinks are definitely more expensive down here, oddly.

Originally Posted by Blue Liner View Post
I know, I can't get over it. There are a lot of really nice houses there for very good prices. My aunt and uncle live there so I know it's nice and I've had them doublecheck some addresses and they're all in good areas. None are foreclosures which is nice, too.

Yeah, real estate by us is pretty cheap too... but the house we are currently in is worth a little more than the second one you posted, but no where near as nice. Although we're in an awesome are and paying a bit extra just for that, and it's totally worth it.

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