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04-21-2013, 06:33 PM
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Can someone explain the DaBoar situation to me? I missed the game.

Boyle Flaming Bot
1. Games without Boyle: 6-0-0
2. Recent games without Boyle: 3-0-0
3. Goals for per game without Boyle: 6.00G/G

1) Pyatt finally scored one to make himself more acceptable around these parts. For a guy who's role is pretty straight forward and not required to be an impact player, he does a decent job at the basics. Good to see him score. He's been on the ice A LOT in the GF in the last 3 games. No doubt that has gotten his spirits up and tonight's goal was certainly a much needed odd man situation type of goal that we don't get too much of.

2) Richards is looking solid again. Whether or not he puts up points, you can tell he's opened the door and on the way out. Still a bit more before he steps out into the light and shuts that door behind him but boy, isn't it good to see him doing better? Players that get **** on endlessly in a season typically do not recover. When they do recover, it's sometimes in vain. Beaves is not bad at all.

3) It's really important to look at what's significantly different about our offensive game. Individual players have stepped up to score the goals and Brad Richards is certainly in the thick of it having been involved in at least a third of all the goals. 2+ against the Panthers, 3+ against the Sabres and 2+ against the Devils. It is of importance though to point out that we've been uncontested in the offensive zone and we haven't been punished in our zone too much against three vastly inferior teams playing some of the limpest hockey I've seen all season long.

4. It's partly because of less dump and chase but that's because teams aren't fast or physical against us in the neutral zone and we haven't had to chase. It'd be interesting to see how the other factor in our offensive uprising -- individual efforts/confidence will hold up against a tough team.

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