Thread: Speculation: Who should we draft?
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04-21-2013, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
What team had three games in 2005 before the draft?

Crosby was the fourth of five top five picks for the Pens in a row ... #5, #1, #2, #1, #2 ... another pesky fact that gets ignored here. They sucked for years, as did the Hawks who had 3 top 3 picks in four years with a #7 overall breaking that streak ... while sucking. Sorry if I don't buy into the delusion that some kid will magically fit into the top line this fall according to numerous posts as the rationalization for hoping my team loses.

Rationalize away all you want. You are hoping a team you claim to be a fan of loses ... complaining about any loss is now hypocritical.
The Pens landed the Crosby pick by 1 pt. Winning one single game, not just 3 would have landed them Bobby Ryan, instead of Crosby. Do you think Pens fans would have rather won an extra game 7 years ago and gotten Ryan or lost that game and gotten Crosby.

Pittsburgh and Chicago won cups based on talent gained in several drafts. We don't need that. We have world class talent at several positions.

No one is saying the kid needs to fit into the top line next October. It's a gamble that hopefully pays dividends for a decade or more.

What is the benefit for this franchise finishing 23rd in the league vs 29th? There is none. Not one. But finishing 29th will give this franchise a chance to select a player who's likely to have game changing talent.

As far as complaining about any loss, there's a context that applies. Once you're out of the playoffs, it's better for a franchise to land a higher pick.

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