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04-21-2013, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by BrodeursCups View Post
I seem to remember him Being the go to guy last season. Let's call a spade a spade: he was A LOT better than Parise in the regular season and then led the team in pts in the playoffs despite a broken back. You can't ignore his great play last year while burying him for this season. Parise was damn near invisible in the playoffs because his shot is garbage and when the physicality/ intensity picks up in the postseason he's easily neutralized. What percentage of his playoff goals last year were empty netters? We've seen it time and time again. You can point back to ONE SERIES in all of Parise's years as a devil and say he dominated. Tampa bay. That's it. And it was against a Tampa team with garbage defense and goaltending..

Parise started off scorching hot this year but has been mediocre since. He's a 60pt player at this point in his career who's making 12/12/11/11/8 in his next five years. That contract will be a poison pill sooner rather than later.

He's not immune from criticism but you have to like how his game has rounded out as a whole. Best part about all of this is he has another go at it next year.
There is too much here for me to address in one post and I didn't want to ignore it....but two things.

One, my point is soley about evaluating Kovalchuk without bias.

Second much of that post was about Parise's lack of playoff success which is somewhat irrelevant to this conversation.

Why can't anyone point out Kovalchuk's short comings? If I say Clarkson sucks no one will bat an eyelash. And from my POV this is a guy who should be being praised for rising above anything he was supposed to be and literally carried the team for about 10 games this season...

On the other hand we have a player who is SUPPOSED to carry the team and really hasn't at any point in time he has been here - and if you criticize him people get all bent out of shape.... it's bizzare to me.

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