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04-21-2013, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Emelin's presence isn't missed as much as you're hinting at. He was not the key to our defensive game. Heck, he wasn't even having that good of a season.
He was racking up more points, sure, and getting more ice time, but he was also often caught out of position in our zone.
He did bring a physical element but that has nothing to do with our current bad stretch.

Also, Markov-Emelin weren't the sole shutdown pair, PK-Gorges were used as so as well. Having two reliable pairs was one of our strengths. But that doesn't mean we were one injury away from a complete collapse. We weren't.

Our forwards aren't helping out the Dmen as much, they aren't competing as hard, and most importantly, our goaltending has been garbage.

No, it's not because Emelin isn't clearing the front that Price has no confidence.
Price has no confidence because he let in 3 goals in 4 shots, and two of which were absolute softies with nobody even in front of Price. Since the Leafs game, he's been really off. His butterfly is very weak at the moment, his five hole seems like the grand canyon, his positioning is very off, and his movements are slow. None of this has anything to do with missing Alexei Emelin, the master of our defense.

Yes, it absolutely is a coincidence that we started our bad stretch around the time we lost Emelin. It holds as much water as me saying it's because the guys clinched and they took their foot off the pedal, got their confidence messed up and now look like crap.

I wouldn't mind calling up Tinordi but that's only because I don't think what we have here is necessarily better. It's not because I think Tinordi will change anything.

We need our guys to battle a bit harder, tighten up the coverage, and more importantly, make some freaking saves.
Fully agree with this. People are turning Emelin's absence into something it is not. Emelin wasn't on the ice for 60 min a game before yet the other Ds didn't look like pylons as they do now. This isn't Chris Pronger or Zdeno Chara we're talking about, he's an average D who was having an average year. His loss is nothing renewed focus and confidence can't compensate for.

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