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12-30-2003, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
How much more of the obvious do you want spelled out for you???

Any team in this league can be beaten in a 7 game series--ANY TEAM.

And my arguement is weak b/c it says their could be upsets???
No, JR, your "argument" is weak because it boils down to three words: "it could happen," but this is no argument at all. This is simply a game of "what if." Don't get me wrong, I love "what if," especially when guys like Orson Scott Card, Harlan Ellison, and Frank Herbert are playing it, but saying "anything can happen" isn't building an argument at all. In fact it's dodging one because to any logical assessment of the situation there is always the pat, easy, and ultimately child-like response: "It could happen!"

Now if you want to engage in science fiction talk you should go to a lit board; in the meantime I'll ask you AGAIN to please build an actual argument stating that the Rangers would beat the Devils in a 7 game series. Talk to me about defensive matchups, goaltending, etc. and talk to me about THESE teams.

Only an absolute fool starts naming unbeatable playoff teams 38 games into the F'in season!!!
Or someone who understands that that two teams play on two entirely different levels. Your homerism may blind you to that fact and allow you hurl insults while pouting that anything can happen, but that's head burying on your part, not realistic assessment.

And as for the attendance, just to shut your hole once again, are you fool enough to really think they play to 100 less than capacity every night?
Ummm ... given that I didn't write that I'd have to say "no." Given that I specifically wrote that there are "plenty of empty seats" I'd also have to suggest you check your eyes or your reading comprehension level.

while some are sold and unused A TON are unsold and taken back in from MSG to be allocated to various charities and other entities and marked as "sold" tix.
Really? Can you get me figures on that? At the very least I'd like to know what you define as "a ton" and then I'd certainly expect you to support that figure with some evidence.

Making claims is easy, JR, will you be backing them up? I gave you the flat stats; you insist that they're not accurate, but you need to bring a bit more to the table than foot stamping and simple insistence.

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