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Originally Posted by durojean View Post
But each time his team found a way to give him the lead after 2 period he found a way to lose it allowing a bad goal.

The team was playing actually good at the beginning of the season but they were losing because of untimely a lot of time. It began to affect the confidence of the team and the team became a mess.

A lot like what's happening right now by the way. Last year they had a bad start but they were actually playing not that bad hockey.

And at least I have consistency in what I say and I admit when Carey is playing good hockey. And I can admit when I'm wrong.

I just want Carey to prove me wrong... I'm a habs fan. And if these choke were less frequent I wouldn't talk about them. I guess he just never proved me he was that good and like a lot of you the games I missed in the last 10 years are pretty rare.

Believe it or not... I was pro-Price at the beginning and I had to admit it to myself that he wasn't that good and once I did it I realized that in fact... His value is way bigger than what he really is.

He's the kind of goalie that looks good from a far but when you take a closer look...
After going through your history and noticing you only post during a loss and defending DD tooth and nail as well as Leblanc I have to say welcome to my ignore list.

Also you are a massive hypocrite. You say forwards that struggle are fine, but a goalie struggles and he's a write off.

Price was the only positive last year, in a dreadful season. Not David Deshnaris. What has he proved to warrant the minutes he gets? Yet you completely ignore that while saying the same thing about Price.

Most of you don't realize that the T.O game albeit Price was bad, but the blame cannot only be laid on him. The leafs had 5 odd man rushes on the 1st period alone. How in the hell do you expect Price to react when the people on the ice not only keep giving the opposition chance after chance, but also give up on the play?

He's had mediocre playoff success but the team in front of him is included and in reality they were horrible.
You put Price on a team with competent defense men and he's a better goalie, just like any goalie.

Remove Neidermeyer, Stevens and the other dman from Jersey (his name alludes me) and they don't win a single cup.

Your goalie is only as good as your defence and vice versa when will some of you understand this.

Also I don't see the team scoring a bunch these past few games. How about some goal support? Let me guess that's Price's fault as well because a)he lets in a couple of bad goals due to turnovers and b)he doesn't score. I guess the rest of the lacklustre play from this entire team can be excused when Price is in net because you know he's overrated.

God damn it I'm going to watch the Oilers strictly next season because I can't take the ******** that gets posted here.

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