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04-21-2013, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
Traitor Zach to answer your question about Marty's save percentage in the last thread. A 900 save percentage is not good. Most of the reason it's that low is because he faces so few shots. Now you can't expect just because the team gives up under 15 shots a game that there will only be a couple good chances. Another reason his save percentage is where it is is because of our PK. His even strength save percentage is pretty good.

If you look at other goalies on teams with notoriously bad PK'S like Pavelec, and Markstrom they also have low save percentages.

At least once a game it seems Marty lets in a goal that is deflected or changes direction in front. These are impossible to stop, and I know from experience. It's in the back of the net before you realize it changed directions. Marty heard that PING when it hit the post before he even realized the shot wasn't coming the way it was aimed. Only way to stop those are if it hits you.

Also Marty is part of the reason he faces so few shots. Look at how many games this year he faced under 20 shots, or under 15, and look at how many games Hedberg did. Hedberg never played a complete game where the team allowed less than 20 shots this year. Marty's stickhandling breaks up in zone time, and cuts down on the amount of chances the other team gets. Watching him is enough to know this.
Bleed you are one of like 3 people on here that really understands the position. People should listen to you about Marty.

This team doesn't need big personnel changes, it just needs a better attitude, and heavy tweaking. This was a decent team that underachieved heavily and did everything wrong. They zigged when they should of zagged, and not a thing went right on top of it. Special teams was a gigantic disaster this year, and Pete did a terrible job with the merry-go-round on D which did in fact cost us games, and Lou deserves blame for not being able to unload Tally or Volch when we really needed it.

It is bad that everyone did not realize how redundant our bottom D-men are and how some of them need to go.

Still though there is no reason for this to repeat next year. We have a very solid bottom 6, we have lots of talent in the top 6, and we are young and talented down the middle. We need another top 6 forward, particularly one that can play with Zajac and bump Clarkson into the bottom 6.

Tweak the forwards, and start the youth movement on D. With the draft now is the time to start trying to draft Elias' eventual replacement and start beefing up the forward corps in Albany. We are a bubble team right now, but we aren't far from being able to rise above that.

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