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Originally Posted by Mightygoose View Post
I think the league would like to avoid the relocation announcement during the playoffs as well.
Yes I read that when it came out a few days ago. Seems the author, Mitch Kasprick, is from Winnipeg. Lived through the Jets exit in 96 then 5 years ago appears to have retired, spending his winters in Arizona. Re-connects with "his" franchise, only to be watching it very likely leave on him yet again. Poor guy huh? If it wasnt for bad luck, wouldnt have no luck at all.... and interesting comment; he believes Winnipeg receiving a team again was a "one in a million shot". How sad is that? That it took the cratering of ASG & now likely Phoenix for the NHL to finally clue in to the fact that Winnipeg & Quebec beyond being just not only the only ports in a storm but damn fine harbours at that, that a fan, a paying customer should feel his chances and the odds so slim. If this league had half a frikin clue they'd have poured deep foundations in their traditional markets long ago, making places like Phoenix & Atlanta far more viable & possible in being able to prop up their own. Actually making it work instead of here at least having demanded that a tiny municipality of less than 300,000 pay about 900% of the freight & carrying costs, pushing them to the very brink of disaster in the process.

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