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04-21-2013, 10:18 PM
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Well grading on a curve relative to expectations:

Brodeur C+ if only cause his save percentage is in line with the last couple years and his GAA is pretty good
Moose F

Greene A solid defensively, didn't really add a lot offensively though but he only really puts up points in spurts
Zidlicky C- modest point production and a little better defensively than I thought but still a -9 and didn't add much on the PP, so he gets graded lower
Larsson C+ considering how limited he was and how jerked around he was, he did improve later in the season defensively
Fayne C- most adversely affected by the switching in and out considering the level he was at last year, though he wasn't as bad recently as he was in the middle of the season
Harrold C probably a little better than his numbers showed (four points, -7 in 19 games) but still about what you'd expect for what he is
Tallinder B- not great, but slightly better than what I expected since he didn't play a lot last year and was also moved in and out.
Salvador F not just cause he was bad but he was bad compared to what he was last year - regular season 'and' playoffs.
Volchenkov D+ only cause he had a stretch of five or so games where he didn't stink and I didn't expect much from him anyway

Elias C+ not a great year for him. If I was just grading his production in a vaccum and not compared to who he is it'd be higher. He dissapeared when Kovy got hurt too
Kovy C- would have prorated out to 25 goals and 70 points in a full year, not great for him either, especially since I figured he'd dominate being in game shape
Clarkson C an A the first part of the season, an F the second half
Zajac D- only escapes an F because his 'intangibles' were still there, but offensively he was the biggest dissapointment of all
Henrique D+ I could really put him lower too, he would have had 35 points over a full season. Not good. He really dissapeared after his goalscoring spurt early.
Bernier A- One of the few that at least 'lived up' to expectations and was able to slot in on any line
Carter A- Picked up where he left off in the playoffs though he couldn't possibly keep up 'that' pace
Gionta B+ For all the **** he gets, 14 points and a +3 from a guy that's supposed to be a fourth liner?
Loiktionov B+ Blew expectations out of the water until he dissapeared (like most of the team) when Kovy got hurt
Zubrus C Never been much of a regular season player anyway, more of an incomplete grade if anything
Poni D+ Other than his obligatory goal in his first game against the Flyers, the sequel wasn't as good as the original, but I wasn't as high on him last year as most anyway otherwise I'd have it lower
Josefson D- Showed flashes the first few games of the season and the previous couple, but was horrible otherwise
Barch F Couldn't even fight

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