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04-21-2013, 11:07 PM
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I've tried to follow most of these 14 threads, but haven't read every post, so excuse me if this has already been discussed.

I am amazed that one of the suspects was taken alive. It is a real tribute to law enforcement that they were able get all of the agencies coordinated once the suspect was located in the boat, then come up with a strategy to take him alive without any harm coming to law enforcement personnel, innocent civilians, or the suspect. In acting so quickly and with incredible coordination they not only apprehended the suspect but likely saved his life, provided he makes it through all of his injuries. Obviously he is much more useful to the FBI alive, so I'm sure that was a big factor in trying to take him without killing him. Beyond the sheer tragedy of the situation and the burden it put on so many people, I will be very interested to see what this guy's story is, and hopefully any information that leads to the hunting down of others that have bad intentions.

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