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04-21-2013, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Morris Wanchuk View Post
2 things that don't sit well with me after the adrenalin has worn down..

1) Not being read his rights.

2) Governor Patrick really likes forcing people to stay in their homes. Twice in one year. But the police brought kids milk, says facebook. So its ok.
I wouldn't worry too much, Morris.

48 hours already up on public safety exception to Miranda. Don't worry, he can still say absolutely nothing he knows a/b who indoctrinated his brother, or both. Any training they received, and from whom. Or if he's aware of any other like minded pieces of **** like himself who want to follow suit. Or, if there's another bomb out there somewhere, like in a nice preschool or college campus, sitting on a timer. Then bargain for his sentence, and petty privileges, through his lawyer w/ possibly mission critical and time sensitive information, like the above.

Yeah, the Governor should have told everyone in that 20 block perimeter to remember to pick up their dog's poop, and be extra, extra careful around the armed terrorist who blew an 8 year old in half, and just shot 2 more policemen. Oh, and uh...try not to distract the army of SWAT and RRT personnel trying to figure out where he is. Hear shooting, just duck a lot.

your pal,
Gov. Patrick

Maybe when enough people die.

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