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Originally Posted by Puckschmuck View Post
I highly doubt QC nor Seattle will be as ready to take in a team as Winnipeg was. So I'm thinking they need as much time as possible to prepare to enter the league, which is why I think an announcement will come within a week or three of their regular season (sorry, I'm not going to jinx this long long overdue climax moment with the dreaded *** weeks curse statement )
Ya well thats just it. You guys had at least most of the infrastructure in-place with the AHL Moose, got a good head start on upgrades to the MTS, sold out & crashed the system with ticket sales in about 3.5 minutes and yet even still, full-on 24/7 from June through October. I dont see how anyone can reasonably expect to pull it off from a dead start as is the case in Seattle; and Quebec, sure the Colisee's just about game-ready but the staffing, sponsorships, just a huge number of details & logistics to address and they'd need to get going no later than May, early June at the latest.

Originally Posted by Move the Coyotes View Post
With Columbus winning tonight, a regulation loss tomorrow to the Wings will all but eliminate the Coyotes from postseason contention. Will we perhaps hear an announcement then?
Thats what Im thinkin. If their eliminated, the lull between the end of the season & the Playoffs as good a time as any to pull the plug if thats what their going to do. Gives QC (Im certain thats where this teams headed if their moving) a bit of a head start, which they really could use. If it drags on & out thereafter, just no idea. I cant see them wanting to make an announcement during the playoffs but here I could well be wrong. After the playoffs, tick tock. Nightmare for Quebec. A happy one I suppose but still. Full speed. If the clubs staying another year, no rush. The announcement simply informing one & all the Citys paying the NHL $6M, the NHL's giving Gosbee et al more time to finalize a deal.

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