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04-21-2013, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
I havent really looked at that, studied it, but is it absolutely unworkable or whats the deal there? Cant one of the Eastern Conference teams be shifted to accommodate Quebec or is that impossible? Just doesnt strike me on the surface as being all that problematical, that it would somehow eliminate QC altogether no?...

My way of looking at it is simply that the NHL, obviously, has known for some time now that they will have to do something with Phoenix-- inclusive of staying where they are.

The NHLPA also has to approve any realignment, in addition to the BOG, not that I foresee a huge issue with an approval if a team were to be placed in QC.

What is mainly of interest to me was hearing that the Wings STH interest had spiked sharply, especially from Canada, once the new realignment was announced. The Wings are not going back to the West. Why would they agree to it after years of lobbying to go East? Detroit needs the financial injection from being in the Eastern Conference. The fan base there is Eastern-centric, traditionalist, and in the Eastern time zone (as you know).

Where does that leave us? The Western Conference needs two additional teams just to even out the odds and team numbers. Phoenix may or may not be viable, but let's assume it is not. A move East forces the league to yet again realign (makes them look silly, as well)-- and they still have to add two more teams; and it potentially pisses Detroit off, and undermines them financially. Why approve this alignment if they know they have to tweak it within 1-2 yrs?

The ideal case for the league is to keep the team in Phoenix, and add a Seattle and Portland or Vegas or KC or Houston expansion teams. If expansion isn't imminent within say 2-3 years (two new teams) -- and Phoenix is not viable -- then moving the Coyotes to Seattle seems the most logical solution given the NBA's plans.

Edit: And yes, I understand all the chatter about where the team will play in the interim, but I think the NHL would more likely just keep them where they are and wait than move them somewhere they're not interested in having a team. Oh, and I think we use fish bones up here in the Pac NW, don't we?

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