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04-21-2013, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by BrainOfJ View Post
I was watching, I saw that. It was a civilian in the area who turned out to be innocent...

and btw...that wasn't the "naked man"...they were two separate people. If you were listening to the scanner you know that they confronted many people that night and during the next day.

This was the "naked man"

Thank you for the clarification. My scanner was all wonky Thursday night. Kept going in and out.

I was at work in Waltham on Friday until 4PM with no chance at using any type of scanner (work at a law firm and can't even access my cell when I'm in the suite for security reasons), then stayed at my girlfriend's in Waltham until she left for work that night (nurse, so no excuses) just to make sure she was safe. I think we were the only business in operation in the entire town.

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