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04-21-2013, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by The Leviathan View Post
Thank you. My scanner was all wonky Thursday night. Kept going in and out.

I was at work in Waltham on Friday until 4PM, then stayed at my girlfriend's in Waltham until she left for work that night (nurse, so no excuses) just to make sure she was safe. I think we were the only business in operation in the entire town.
ahhh I hear you. Yeah they took basically anyone who wouldn't cooperate into custody at night, and then later released them.

There were these two and then at one point I remember a blonde guy being talked about as well. Then of course, there's the old guy that was getting molested by 4 robots, the crazy old guy that wouldn't come to the door in his apt, etc. etc.

The media was a pain in the ass, the only place you could get real up to date information was from the scanner, right from the sources.

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