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04-22-2013, 12:09 AM
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Originally Posted by BrainOfJ View Post
While I don't agree with it, I think I get what Morris is getting at. The precedence it sets in the long run. In this situation, yeah we have great video evidence that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his piece of **** brother did it, but what if by the off chance he was innocent. Then you've got a ****storm because you just arrested an american citizen and did not provide them rights. Doesn't really apply to this situation, but it could to future situations ya know?

That being said, I agree with not mirandaing him because the evidence was so clear from monday, and from thursday night and because he clearly was willing to give up those rights when he did the things he did.
seems like he broke his oath of allegiance pretty quick.

if they didn't tell us they weren't going to read him his rights right away pretty much no one would know anyway. Doubt he was able to comprehend much on the first night. I appreciate the transparency to be honest. They came right out and said what they were doing because there was a potential for other bombs or potential co-conspirators. So easy to play monday morning quarterback when you don't have to search the apt. he lived in and your ass isn't on the line if you end up not getting immediate information.

don't worry though, he will have lawyers. He will be treated much more fairly than "back home".

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