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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Pretty cazy isnt it? Hard to say what the leagues' going to do. If the Coyotes do manage to make the playoff's I doubt the NHL will say anything at all, maintain radio silence until the Stanley Cup Finals are done & over with, as they wouldnt want the negativity in some quarters that the announcement of a relocation would engender re-directing peoples attentions on their problems. Alternatively, if the Coyotes dont make the playoffs', its possible they might move them during the lull between the end of the regular season & the start of the playoffs or alternatively just wait none the less. The only other possibility is that they just stay pat, renew their AMUL through 13/14, ask for and will likely receive the $6M in Arena Management Fee's Glendales earmarked for them regardless, announce that their still hopeful a deal can get done, possibly even give it a Deadline of December 31st. One final option, Suspension of the Franchise does exist however that I think is beyond remote. A PR nightmare. Dispersal Draft, carrying & servicing the debt until such time as they sell the franchise to whomever.... or maybe by some miracle Gosbee, Pastor or Mystery Buyer #4 miraculously rides in at the last minute & saves the day. Absolutely no idea.
Having read, but not remembering a lot, of the ongoing saga of the Coyotes, the attempt by the CoG, the NHL and numerous tire kickers to keep the team in Glendale, it seems to me that you would be the ideal person to ask the following (due to, in my mind, you having the 'collective history / memory' of most things relating to the Phoenix Coyotes).....

So, that being you remember if the following report (and the source document(s) from which CBTE's understanding was based on) were discussed and what was determined regarding Non-Relocation and the penalty mentioned in article 1. on page 9 of the report but more importantly is that penalty for real or was / has it been extinguished by some slight of hand by the NHL / CoG ???? ...

The Market Valuation Report on Arena Lease and Management Agreement, the Use and Non-Relocation Agreement and Agreement of Assignment, Reconveyance, Modification and Abrogation of Rigths Regarding the NHL Coyotes Hockey Team and Arena

prepared for: The City of Glendale, Arizona by CBRE Consulting

page 9

II. Proposed Transaction Documents

Rights being acquired by the City:

It is our understanding that, in connection with the Transaction Document, the City is acquiring the following rights from the Arena Manager and the Team:

1. Non-relocation Rights. An obligation to continue to play all of the home NHL hockey games at the Arena (the "Arena") located in the City of Glendate until lthe thirtiet (30th) day after the last day of the Full Hockey season commencing in 2040 (the "Non-Relocation Obligation") pursuant to the Non-Relocation Agreement. In the event the Team breaches the Non-Relocation Obligation the Team is required to pay liquidated damages starting at $290,000,000 in the first year and ending at $25,000,000 in the final year (the "Liquidated Damages")


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