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Originally Posted by Renbarg View Post
Why was Roberts not deterred from going after Czerkawski when Cairns was out on the ice with a 6-1 Islanders lead? Would Roberts be more deterred if Asham was on the bench? Or if Cummings was on the ice? How/Why?

I agree and to be fair You can always find examples of guys running a player when a HW is on the ice.
Im not saying this never happens of course it does.
You are right in a sence that some players will still play dirty with an enforcer in the lineup im not debating that.
The point im trying to make is that when you have those types of guys on the roster your more likely to see less cheap shots on our young guys.
Your never going to stop or deter every dirtbag out there but the hw pressence is still a factor.
Just look at the last 2 years since we started dressing HW's.

Remember about 3 years or so ago when we dressed the sofest lineup in the NHL with no enforcer? We were bullied , manhandled, and cheap shots, guys being ran. I mean how many time was Tavares and our younger guys just bullied and getting ran.
I have noticed since last year when we started to dress an enforcer the Tavares cheapshots stopped as well as our other guys not getting bullied.
Now with the addition of Boulton and Carnker we have not seen this team being bullied,pushed around,manhandled this year like we have been in the past.

I did not want Boulton or Carnker in against soft teams I tottally agree with that, there is no need for them when we play soft teams, but playing against Toronto who bullies skill players all year long while dressing 3 massive HW goons iI just dont get how you dont put those guys in that leaf came to counter the Orr's,Mclarens and Fraser.
Intimidation is a huge factor, if your sitting on the bench looking over at the other bench and you see a bunch big mean HW's while you look down your bench and see a bunch of soft players you damn well beleive that intimidation plays a role in the NHL any player,coach ect will tell you that at any level of hockey.

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