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Originally Posted by enarwpg View Post
So, that being you remember if the following report (and the source document(s) from which CBTE's understanding was based on) were discussed and what was determined regarding Non-Relocation and the penalty mentioned in article 1. on page 9 of the report but more importantly is that penalty for real or was / has it been extinguished by some slight of hand by the NHL / CoG ???? ...
Well, I hope Ive got that right, as I believe this document was from the Hulsizer Chapter's of this Saga pursuant to the Parking Bond play, the section you refer to, the Lease Agreement, as it was never executed is completely null & void, irrelevant. Two years ago, the NHL & Glendale signed an AMUL which is effectively a 10yr Lease for the arena renewable year by year at the NHL's discretion. There is no penalty whatsoever for their leaving, while the Arena Management Fee's, $25M in 2010-11 & $25M for 2011-12 were agreed to separate from the AMUL though at close arms length as without those monies being paid, the NHL had threatened to just up & leave. Should be noted as well that the NHL said in their presentations that the monies likely wouldnt be required, simply insurance policies, that a deal was expected to close quickly with Hulsizer in 2010, with "prospective buyers & very interested parties" in 2011. Both years Glendale believing that if not paid, the team was gone to Winnipeg.... oh, and indeed, the CBRE (Ellis) Report was based largely on yet an earlier report known as the Walker Report. That too can be found in kdb's library here at hf, and discussed at length many Moons ago.

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