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04-22-2013, 02:14 AM
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5 good
1. Greene- the only defenseman who regularly impressed, I was annoyed we kept him a few years ago but he's been great the past few years.
2. Loktionov- cheap pick-up and the kid can certainly play. Hopefully he slots in as a very good 2C for us for a few years to come.
3. Bernier- really good season for him. Of that entire line, he's the only one who probably deserves more playing time.
4. Kovalchuk- His even-strength numbers suffered but we didn't help with his line-mates. Regardless of his numbers, Kovalchuk has proven to be the heart and soul of this team. That, to me, is something positive because he's the type of guy who seems to be able to get a team going (i.e. not Salvador). I'm worried that he hasn't really been able to deke a guy out cleanly as of late but his speed and shot are still superb.
5. Larsson- when he was allowed to play his game, the guy has looked impressive. his stick work is top, his foot work and shot need work. I'm still looking to see some offensive development but I don't really put that on Larsson's head right now.

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5 worst
1. Volchenkov- Becoming the scapegoat around here but he was absolutely atrocious. Flatfooted and bone head plays. He needs to be out of here though I'll certainly miss the guy.
2. Zajac- His defensive game was superb but his offense struggled out of the gate. It certainly got better but we need more from him. We're not going anywhere if he's incapable of being our 1C again.
3. Henrique- His goal scoring numbers were okay but his play making completely non-existent. I like how he continues to play with a mean streak but he didn't work well with his linemates this year.
4. Salvador- When you have a team that struggled like this one after showing they can be competitive, I blame leadership. His on-ice play certainly didn't redeem his inability to have his finger on the pulse of the team.
5. Clarkson- Guy came out blazing hot and disappeared down the stretch. I don't really fault him, we have crazy expectations for him and considering where we came from a few years ago, it's our fault more than anything else in this case. But he used to be a guy who can get our offense going with a spark and he's seem to lost that asset in his game. I'd rather that than the Clarkson who has the 3rd most shots in the NHL.

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