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04-22-2013, 06:23 AM
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I actually don't mind the GDT insanity as much, you are watching/posting during the game and mood based reactionary and silly posts are always going to be made in such an environment.

What bothers me is when it leaves the GDT like it has and the whole board is non-stop *****ing about a team with 59 points in 44 games that has won a Cup as recently as 2 years ago and become one of the elite run franchises in the NHL. I don't think many people on this board realize how good the Bruins and their fans have it right now.

Then as Bruwinz pointed out, you've got the other side of the fan base that absolutely refuses to objectively criticize anyone at any time. Only place I differ from him is the ones who bother me more are the ones who do the non stop *****ing because it's a lot more reasonable to be a homer about the Bruins than a whine about everything type of person considering the state of the franchise. I'd also say the ***** about everything crowd VASTLY outweighs the group of blind homers. This despite the fact the franchise has given the fans a lot more reason to be homers than to be whiny, entitled *****es over the last several years.

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