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04-22-2013, 06:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Emperoreddy View Post
Marty still has it, he isn't the Marty of old but he can still be very solid when we need him to be. Honestly I think Moose does too. It doesn't help when the team in front of them is playing so poorly.

Moose got the worse end of the deal because we played our worst defense in front of him, and the PK was at its worst as well. I am worried about post-Marty life, especially because I think we REALLY need him to be able to and want to play at least one more year after this current contract. Wedge could be the answer, but he needs to backup in the NHL first.

We are riding Marty/Moose next year no matter how much some groan on here. Buying out Moose would be stupid, and it is a waste of assets to get someone else when you have two goalies under contract already. Best most likely scenario is one more year of the geezers in net, then the following year Marty's potential replacement backs him up.

Much easier to just saw we suck and never had a chance. It is much harder to swallow that on paper this actually wasn't a bad team, bubble team that could of done more, and thus we completely wasted all the good things from last year and the opportunity a short season gives you (something team's like the Leafs and Isles are taking advantage of). Guys just underachieved like whoa, did not overcome the bad luck of injuries (something Ottawa did) and pissed a season away. Pretty much what Marty said today as well (though some people cherry picked his quotes like crazy to twist his words. He did say and think this team was better then what it showed.)

I don't blame Lou for going the youth movement route this year, since the market for forwards after Zach was terrible. Overpay for Semin and watch everyone complain how he doesn't back check? Bring Sykora back and watch him pull a this year's Poni impression by being slow, invisible, and just failing to even come close to the level of success he had last year (and the board turning on him in a week). Trade was only way to replace Zach, but I imagine the price was very steep.

I do blame Lou and Conte for letting the cupboard get so bare in the forward department. Youth movement isn't a bad idea in theory, but when one of those forwards you have to rely on is Tedy there is big problems. I am not expecting some NHL ready forward to come in via the draft and save the day next year, but we do seriously need to draft smart and get solid forwards in the system so we can start planning to replace guys like Elias. He is going to have to get an NHL forward via free agency or trade.
Some people have come on here and posted some rational and reasonable defenses of Brodeur and expectations of him. But, you absolutely and completely lost me when you started praising Hedberg. Our defense had maybe two bad games in front of him. The rest of them, Hedberg was awful in. I mean come on, I get that this is a Devils fan forum, but let's at least call a spade a spade. These are professional athletes who are paid to perform. And Hedberg was absolutely awful, terrible, putrid, whatever you want to call it.

This team is not making the playoffs next year with a Marty/Moose tandem that has that much age and injury concern and lack of dependability (moreso on Hedberg). Marty can't play the kind of schedule and handle a workload he's done in years past and Hedberg seemed to really only excel against soft opponents that were vulnerable to back to backs or on travel days. You also have to move on eventually to start transitioning in a younger goaltender and next year is the year where it finally comes to the fore and becomes necessary. I'm not sure if Kinkaid is the guy (personally I don't think so based on what I've seen of him at Albany), but Lou has to find another solution than using the Marty/Moose duo. It worked for a few years, but it is not going to cut it anymore.

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