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Originally Posted by MattMartin View Post
We were dictating the play early but they were throwing their weight around also. I guess it's a catch 22 with Carkner for a few reasons that were mentioned.

+ Toughness and Size
- Slow and when he fights you lose a defenseman.

I would say it's pick your poison.

What we need is a big physical defenseman and then you could dress Boulton when needed but that is not a option at this point. This however should be one of our off season needs. With Streit most likely leaving for his last pay day maybe we can sign 1.
Is Donovan very physical btw?
Donovan VERY physical? No. But he is strong and has a solid frame. Very strong on his skates and will initiate contact when needed. He has real improved on clearing the crease but more in the new way ( denying entry passes to the prime scoring areas in front of the net and clearing them safely) as opposed to the traditional brute strength style. Donovan has good hand eye and strong skater, very smart. Won't get pushed around often but not a bruiser.

Also its not the amount of hits but how effective they are. Little Thomas hickey put a more effective check on a premier pf evander kane. It was more effective than any of the 90 hits Toronto and Winnipeg put on the isles this week. Its more about being strong on your skates, being smart and letting the game come to you and being fearless rather than being an over aggressive wrecking ball prone to making mistakes. See the failed close off by clitsome on McDonald and bonehead pursuit of McDonald in the corner by bogosian leaving grabbed all alone to score. Just for going for the hit.

Hickey and Donovan fall into the smarter category.

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