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04-22-2013, 06:51 AM
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Anyone see the Nets game last night? Friggin' beastly. Carved up the Bulls.

This is why I am so excited by this team. IMO the only team in the league with legitimate quality starters at every position - including a top 10 SG, a top 3 PG (yes, D-Will is top 3 - if you haven't seen him recently, he's been playing at his Utah level ever since the All-Star break) and arguably the best center in the league. Then, they have legitimate backups at every position as well.

The only thing that's held them back so far is injuries. D-Will was banged up all through the first half, Lopez was out for a stretch, both JJ and Crash missed time as well... Now, for the first time all year, the whole roster seems to be healthy - and that's a scary proposition for any opponent.
Best center in the league... are you mad? 1 - can't be the best center in the league when you're injured for large chunks every ****ing season. 2 - he's had 1 dominant season, and that's been this year. 3 - he just put it all together and he's still not as good as howard, tyson, or noah. He's definitely made leaps and bounds this year, but best center in the league? No way.

Top 10 SG in Gerald Wallace? Let's see how elite he is being guarded against Wade/Lebron, or Shumpert.

No argument on Deron, i've loved his play since his Illinois days.

They're scary, are maybe good for 1 upset this playoffs, but I don't think they can match up with the Heat, Knicks, or Pacers.