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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Not being argumentitive here Ps, but the NHL's been loathe to make announcements of that sort (with exception of Atlanta-Winnipeg of course) actually during their showcase Playoffs. You could be quite correct though, given the magnitude of this mess of a situation. Timings irrelevant. But I suspect not. Id guess they wait until the Stanley Cup's been awarded in June, then let it be known whats what. Perhaps during the lull between end of regular season and commencement of the cup run should the Coyotes fail to qualify (and if they do make it in, absolutely no announcements until the SC's been won), but during it? Not so sure about that.... this of course now leads into logistics if indeed the teams on the move. I cant see how on Earth Seattle could possibly be ready & accommodate a team, its a gamble, could backfire & blow up in their faces. Theres just so many details involved. The only logical relo option is Quebec or, they stay put. NHL collects $6M in Mgmnt Fee's, perhaps then announces they'll give it to December 31st to get a deal done or 110% for sure, teams gone.
Depending on where the team is moved to, announcing it during the playoffs would potentially get lost among the playoffs themselves.

It sounds like the owners aren't willing to go through this again and have more lost revenues though. They're better off suspending operations, even though they won't do that.

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