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Originally Posted by howeaboutthat View Post
Interesting. Do you feel the same about the 1936 British ice hockey team? Yes many of them were born in the UK but (I believe) only two trained under the UK junior system, as was back then.

Most of you Brits who are taking the 'purist' line seem to also agree that funding is a major issue. Given that funding for UK sports is invariably linked to results and no amount of "snot fair, gonna scream and scream until I make myself sick" is likely to change this then how do you propose the vicious circle is broken.

When a team like Canada is not afraid to use dual-nationals then it is a little absurd when a hockey backwater nation thinks taking some sort of moral stand against the IIHF eligibility rules will ever produce consistent results. Unless of course y'all know of a forthcoming change to world rankings that award teams for being good eggs and not stooping to 'cheating'?

Funding from the various places give it out generally based on results.

I don't care, and I don't think it matters where they come from, if they can help GB get where it needs to be at the WCs then that's all it needs to be.

It's not going to change the long term, but it's the things it brings with it. A good GB team can help bring in some moolah for the game.

The simple mantra for Hand should have been "pick the best available". He didn't.

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