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Originally Posted by enarwpg View Post
Having read, but not remembering a lot, of the ongoing saga of the Coyotes, the attempt by the CoG, the NHL and numerous tire kickers to keep the team in Glendale, it seems to me that you would be the ideal person to ask the following (due to, in my mind, you having the 'collective history / memory' of most things relating to the Phoenix Coyotes).....

So, that being you remember if the following report (and the source document(s) from which CBTE's understanding was based on) were discussed and what was determined regarding Non-Relocation and the penalty mentioned in article 1. on page 9 of the report but more importantly is that penalty for real or was / has it been extinguished by some slight of hand by the NHL / CoG ???? ...
I had thought the bankruptcy proceedings had nullified pretty much all such agreements, if I mentally go back 40 or so threads. IANAL, so best someone else checks on it, but it seems to me that Glendale actually waived their rights to that one at the NHL's urging as part of the BK proceedings?

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