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04-22-2013, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by hed View Post
I'm not defending him, I'm defending our justice system. Murderers, rapists, child molesters, et all still have their rights when being accused of their crimes. Your rights get taken away only after due process proves your guilt. That shouldn't all change on the fly just because somebody decided to slap the word "terrorism" onto this guy's crimes. He's an American who allegedly murdered and injured other Americans, and he should be treated as such.

If they wanted to question him without Miranda using the "ticking time-bomb" clause of that public safety measure just to make sure there weren't any other bombs set to go off, then that makes perfect sense. If they want to question him without Miranda because they think they don't need his testimony to convict him anyway, then that makes sense too. Treating him as an enemy combatant and denying him of his rights just cause we all want to bang on our chests and go on about how "we" don't tolerate this ****, is just plain wrong.

I'm just as glad as anyone that this guy got caught, but seeing people with this opinion that you "lose your rights" based upon the crime of which you're being accused, is ridiculous. Yes there's strong evidence against him and yes he'll almost definitely be convicted, but news stations are not judges, nor is public opinion a jury. We have those things for a reason.

Eric Rudolph (the guy that did almost this exact thing at the Atlanta Olympics in 1995) got a lawyer for his trial and so should this guy, but because it's post-9/11 everyone is so ready and willing to throw the rules out the window because of the t-word. The ironic thing is that's exactly what terrorists want. They're using fear to get us to change our way of living, and not only are we accepting it with open arms, we're actually arguing for it ourselves. It's sad.
The due process in proving his guilt is long gone, if this was an innocent man he would have found himself a good lawyer the moment the FBI released his picture. Instead of going through the justice system the normal way, him and his brother decide to go on a shooting rampage against police officers, Then hide in a boat for numerous hours.

I'm all for a fair trial but his actions before and after the bombings are hard to defend.

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