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Originally Posted by Reesor01 View Post
It's your opinion that the ref blew each call. If I disputed it, you'd just ignore it and dispute back. So why bother?

Victo fans complained about the refereeing in Moncton. Moncton fans complained about the refereeing in Victo. Halifax fans complained about the refereeing in Gatineau. Huskies fans complained about the refereeing in Halifax. I'm sure Halifax fans will complain about the refereeing in Rouyn Noranda tomorrow night. See the pattern? It has always been like that, and always will be like that, so I don't stress myself over it anymore. People are entitled to their opinions. If they think the reffing sucked or there's a conspiracy or whatever, then that's their prerogative as fans.

Ask Halifax fans about the suspensions or lack thereof in the past 2 years.... especially when our guys got concussed. I think you'll find examples of good breaks and bad breaks, whether it's refereeing or league decisions.
Very well said!! As bad or inconsistent as they can be, they DO NOT decide the outcome of the games. Ask the coaches and they will tell you the refs dont decide the outcome.

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