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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
A couple comments on the above:

- the description of Riga playing an NHL-style offense in 1976 is extremely interesting given who the Riga coach was at the time. It is also an interesting, if indirect, comment on Helmut Balderis' game.

- the information about how Maltsev had gained weight/become lazy and was criticized for it in the Soviet press is also quite interesting. I had wondered before about the strange down period in the middle of Maltsev's career, and we now have a better picture of what was going on.

- some of the banter is pretty funny. I particularly like: "Bobby Clarke's team does not play friendlies with anyone."
The USSR may have started influencing the NHL in 76, but I don't know if the opposite had started yet.

That is a funny quote about Clarke. Maybe conditioning and fitness help explains Maltsev's 0 goals in the 72 Summit Series four years earlier. Some posters here assume if Clarke hadn't taken out Kharlamov, the Series would have gone differently. We just don't know that. If Maltsev had played better, if Paul Henderson hadn't scored 7 goals, if Orr and/or Hull had played, and others factors could have had more impact than Kharlamov's injury. We just don't know.

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