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04-22-2013, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Bergevin would rather give up on a good season, allow out rivals to strengthen, and extend mediocre players than to trade a coveted 2nd round pick.

See how great our defense looks with those three 2nd round picks holding the fort while Emelin is injured? See them energizing our offense while our forwards are running out of steam?

Those seconds are valuable man!! Bergevin would rather give up a playoff run than trade them.
That's because Bergevin isn't an emotional bipolar fan. He's not going to drive off course just because of a 36 game sample in a transitional year.

First off, Emelin wasn't injured at the deadline.
Second, he brought in a bit of depth and size in the bottom pair.
Third, Diaz was expected to make an eventual return.
Fourth, Emelin's injury has nothing to do with our current poor play.
Fifth, and most importantly, trading away our picks for the likes of Robyn Regehr would not guarantee a long playoff run.

We were 28th in the NHL last year, in a short condensed year, we challenge for the top seed of our division. That's a very small sample size and is likely to be an anomaly more than solid improvements. Over the long ups and downs of a full year, we'd probably be a POs bubble team and at the very best around 5-6th.
So Bergevin rather hold on to his picks than trade them for rentals in what is likely to be a mirage of a season.

Ya, a 2nd round pick will not help us now, however, you're fully aware that Bergevin said it will take some time to rebuilt, he believes in doing it through the draft and development of our prospects. Pretty sure you were happy to hear that at the time.
Having 4 picks in the top two rounds certainly increases our odds of landing better prospects than if we only had two, or one pick.

Also, we pretty much have the same team coming back next year, so if this is the real deal team, then we'll be just as good and go for it next season with 4 new top 2 rounds prospects. No need to go all in at the deadline in such a small and condensed transitional year.

Stop being over dramatic.

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