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Originally Posted by madhi19 View Post
And that may very well be the standard for relocation now. You can buy a team and relocate it but the NHL won't realign immediatly to suit your need.
Totally agree. In the case where PKP buys the Yotes, though, it would be better for everyone involved with a minor change of QC to the Midwest and Colorado to the Pacific. That would be better for everyone.

Generally, I discount the importance of the realignment because of a couple of things.

One, this looks like a desperate league. 6 outdoor games next year?? Really??? LA???

Two, the league has made it their very public stance that they don't want to move the team. So, no realignment that is published would likely accommodate a relocation, because they are mostly denying the possibility of one.

Three, no one really knows how much the PA have had to say about the new alignment. Except for one cryptic comment that has never been probed further in an interview in which Fehr agreed that the realignment could be reconsidered in the event of a relo or expansion. And, the sense to me (and I could be wrong) was that he meant whenever a relo happened. Does anyone else remember that? And, whether QC was directly involved in either the question or the answer?

Now, I have no idea why they would choose to do a realignment announcement when they did. It makes no sense at all to me. I suppose there may have been a sense that the schedule for next year needs to get started. And, some kind of pressure that Winnipeg not play in the SE for a 3rd year, so "we have to do something with this, even though it should wait...." I just don't know why they would do that right now.

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