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Originally Posted by Sheikyerbouti View Post
Lowe said he had final approval.

But I agree that trades under Tamby seemed to be his own. Lowe, for all his faults, could work the phones and seemed to find deals.

Olczyk seems to have a pretty large role in contract negotiations (economics) and since he came on board it has been, for the most part, way better than it was under Lowe.

I think Lowe was surely scaled back in area's like working phones, and contract negotiations (both of which he took personally). But he is still in charge of the management group as he reports directly to the owner. Honestly, I think MacT's job will be to handle the press, be the face of management and work the phones ( similar to Tamby, )while Howson will oversee the day to day operations. It's entirely how a business would be built and they have been operating similar to this since Katz bought the team.

It's makes their titles accurate as well- Owner, President, Senior Vice, Manager, asst Manager

The thing that bothers me is several times Tamby has barked back with confidence and was dead wrong, which would represent organizational think. When the Oilers started last year hot and slumped, he was steadfast stating the hot start was a better representation of the line-up. He was dead wrong. He also chose to roll out the same fourth line thinking that coaching would improve them. Again, dead wrong.

If Lowe (Or Katz) was entirely disagreeable in those examples, Tamby would have been fired earlier for being incompetent. He was fired, imo, because the fans were gathering with pitchforks. Lowe had to at least agree with those total miscalculations and its a bit disturbing for the future.

my 2 cents
I don't think it had much to do with not working phones, as much as ST was afraid to cut ties with his players. Just look at simple things like Peckham. Refusal to put him on waivers as there might still be a player there. Whether or not there is or isn't a player left in Peckham the fact is having him sit in the PB all year serves no point.

I think there were deals out there, just like some pointed out ST couldn't make a decision soon enough.

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