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Originally Posted by Recoil View Post
IMO it's more about "positional demand." Even if it isn't a great QB class and the QBs aren't fantastic prospects this year, the QB position is so important to teams (especially those that don't have one) that the position is always in demand --- probably the highest demand --- and thus will tend to go much higher than the prospects warrant.

Likewise, many GMs don't value the Guard position as highly thinking they can either good a quality one in mid rounds, or if one of their tackles busts out they can be moved inside to Guard (ala Gabe Carimi, Chris Williams, etc). So even if a prospect is really great at Guard, he may not go high in the draft.

Will be interesting to see if this holds true this year.
Exactly. Also this is a weak QB pool but if you don't get Smith, Barkley, or Nassib, then it really drops off. So teams may not want to risk that one of those guys are going to be available in the 2nd. So if Smith goes in the top 8, the Jets can't assume Barkley or Nassib will be there at 40.

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